Before – This suburban hillside provided the perfect contour for a cascading water feature.
Under Construction – The foundation for the streambed fit comfortably along the steps to provide a natural appearance.
After – Completed cascade offers appearance of a spring flowing down a hillside, creating the look of a runoff pool, complete with plants along rock edge and in water.
Before – Unpaved barren area, perfectly located just outside office
After – Flagstone on stonedust, benches, sound of water, shrubs and perennials work together to create enclosure and lush comfortable environment.
Before – This space lacked privacy, comfortable furniture and plants.
After – Custom built bamboo screen, flagstone patio, chaise lounges and plants created enclosure and a more comfortable sitting area.
Before – This backyard with only lawn provided a blank canvas to design this patio, boardwalk, deck and landscape.
After – Patio and low deck with built-in bench create area for entertaining. A boardwalk leads through lush plantings to bench at back of garden.